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When I sat down to write this blog post, I asked God, “What are men struggling with and how can I encourage them in my post?” Every relationship a man is involved with will be impacted by one or more of these: Lust. Lies. Laziness. If you are reading this right now, male or female you know someone who has afflicted others due to their response of the flesh. Perhaps you yourself have personally been the afflicted.

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Decide for Yourself, Who Has Control - Part 9

Self-Control is defined as the ability to control one’s self, specifically your emotions and desires. Christian self-control however is moving from what we want to do (the flesh), to what is the best decision for ourselves and others (the Spirit). If you have areas in your life that you are trying to control, take a look at this post for some encouragement and a practical tool to help you measure your growth and relationship with God and His helper.

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