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Sunday Coach CONNECT - January 28, 2018

For the last 13 years, this teacher chose to Love, Listen, and Lead his student. The time had come for the student to announce he would be leaving the martial arts academy. His desire to train and be an artist brought him to the academy, however, what I witnessed between him and his teacher as they reminisced about the last 13 years was a bright display as to why he stayed.

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The C’s of Fatherhood

When I was 22 years old, I received a call from my wife, (Heather), informing me that I was going to be a dad. Instantly, I was overtaken by emotions of doubt, excitement, fear, and joy. In just 9 short months, I would be blessed with a child that would look to me to help shape their life. How would I do this? What would I teach them? What experiences, what lessons could I, a 22-year old man, give them?

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