Caution: Fellowship Will Occur With or Without You


A popular and famous verse from King Solomon is “Iron Sharpens Iron, and one man sharpens another.” – Proverbs 27:17

Metal cannot sharpen unless it comes into contact and gets connected. However, once connected, it becomes more efficient and therefore mutually beneficial to both connecting parties. Today’s Sunday Coach Connect considers the importance of fellowship and our biblical responsibilities as men.

No, It’s Not Too Late

Several individuals reading this, including myself, may wonder if their time has passed where they can make a measurable impact in the lives of the young men in their life. Whether it be your son, a nephew, a student in student ministries at church, or any other relationship, it is NOT too late. It is NEVER too late to make a measurable impact on another person’s life. Positive, inspirational influence is needed and being desired. Please never allow the enemy’s weapon of guilt and shame to take root in your heart or mind preventing you from moving forward. I am praying for you right now, to be propelled forward.

Is Fellowship a Requirement to Heaven?

Before we go too far, I want to clear an important message on fellowship. Whether attending church or any form of fellowship, let me clarify, this is not required and has zero impact on your entrance into Heaven. That would be works driven and the Christian faith is clear, no one can earn their way to Heaven. Salvation is found in Christ. Your faith in Christ and Christ alone is your path to Salvation. The importance of fellowship with Christian men and women is the fact that you share the common mindset of the Truth. That Truth is Jesus. Therefore, the fellowship is critical and why we must sharpen one another by remaining connecting, spurring one another on, and allowing God to change what we have heard to what He wants to tell us.

Not a Requirement, but Incredibly Important

In the 1990’s 2Pac (Rapper) wrote a song in dedication to his mom (mama), titled, Dear Mama. While I don’t agree with the explicit lyrics of 2Pac’s writings, this song does have a powerful underlying message. You may be thinking I am referring to the honoring of his mama, but for today’s post, I am going to turn your focus to fellowship, and the more specific, fellowship with men, especially younger men. Here’s how the section of the song goes:

 “Now, ain’t nobody tell us it was fair. No love from my daddy, ‘cause the coward wasn’t there. He passed away and I didn’t cry, ‘cause my anger wouldn’t let me feel for a stranger. They say I’m wrong and I’m heartless, but all along I was looking for a father he was gone. I hung around with the thugs and even though sold drugs, they showed a young brother love.”

Lets stop there. Do you see the impacts of this man's heart? Do you see how his instinctual desire to connect turned him to “anyone” who would show him three things:

  1. You are not alone.

  2. You are valuable.

  3. You are loved.


  • A typical Christian congregation draws an adult crowd of 61% female, 39% male.

  • 90% of boys attending church today, check out by age 20.

  • Over 90% of Christian men (Christian Men!) have never shared their faith with other men.

  • If a child is the first person in the household to become a Christian, there is only a 4% probability anyone else in the house will follow.

  • If a wife or mother is the first to accept Christ, only a 17% chance the rest of the family will follow.

But men, if the man, the dad, the head of the house, the man God put on point chooses Christ to serve. 93% of the family follows.

The impact of our fellowship, our involvement, and our time committed to LOVE unconditionally, LISTEN intentionally, and LEAD boldly cannot be ignored.

Q&Q – Ponder This

We need to admit the mind into Christian fellowship again. We need the mind disciplined in Christ, enlightened by faith, passionate for God and his creation, to be let loose in the world.
— J.P. Moreland

Call to Action

Evaluate your life and the circle you influence today and ask yourself, “who is God calling my attention to be in fellowship with?” Consider taking that young man to breakfast or invest an hour a week sharing your story of faith and allow God to take it from there. Don’t force it, but be faithful. God is on the move. Will you meet Him where He is?

Pursue Your Potential!