Three Things I’m Learning From My Mom


Welcome to this special edition of Sunday Coach Connect, my dedication to an amazing, beautiful, and full of life woman I am privileged to call Mom. For 44 years nearly, I have watched my mom model three values which have become an essential part of my life. Thank you, Mom, this posts for you and all moms who inspire, encourage, and lift up their children to Pursue their Potential!

Laugh at Yourself

When I was in elementary school, I thought I was cool and spent a lot of time “managing” my image. One day while doing some tricks on my BMX bike, I called over to my mom who was on the porch, “hey mom, watch this” as I turned my bike around back towards my mom, I said to myself, let’s pull out the big guns. Let’s show her the endo. For those just hearing this term for the first time, an endo is when you place your tennis shoe between the rubber of the front tire and front forks. Watch Here (tune into seconds 30-35). As I proceeded down the sidewalk, excitement generating an increase in my speed and pride driving the force of which I inserted my foot, my bike lifted in the air, back tire moving from 45 degrees to 90 degrees, to a forward flip. I superman glided through the air, landing on my hands and knees. Immediately I turned to my mom, humiliated and desperately hoping she did not see. Unfortunately (for me), but fortunately for my mom, this was before cell phones and her eyes were glued on me. I picked up my bike, walked toward her and observed her softly smiling and allowing a few bits of laughter out. “Are you ok buddy?” “No, I remember saying. Why are you laughing at me?” While I do not remember her response, I do remember she taught me not to take myself so seriously. My pride was the only thing hurt and my mom knew it. Today, we still talk about this moment and I still think about the impact her smile and laughter had on me. Moments like these provide an opportunity to be devastated or develop and grow. I chose to learn and grow. Since that day, I have had many more opportunities to laugh at myself and enjoy life, something my mom showed me over 35 years ago. Thank you, Mom, for teaching me how to laugh at myself.

 Have a Deep Desire to Give

To give means to “freely transfer, yield to, or carry out an act”. The key word here is freely, not expecting, desiring, or wanting a reciprocation of your effort. This is my mom. My entire life I have watched her selflessly give her time, money, and attention to others. What speaks most to me is how her giving brings hope and joy to others. Early in life, I did not get this. Wouldn’t it be an inconvenience (to me) to sacrifice your own time, money, and attention I thought? But as I observed her and the joy it brought others, I realized something. The joy giving brought my mom. She never brought to light the help she was providing or commented on how she wished others would return the favor, instead she gave me an understanding of what unconditional giving meant. My mom’s deep desire to give has given me a heart for others and my heart to serve you with this blog, through coaching, and words of encouragement all started through the seeds my mom planted through the modeling she did through her giving. Thank you, Mom, for giving me a Deep Desire to Give!

Forgive…so you Can LOVE. LISTEN. LEAD

I recently had an amazing conversation with my mom on the topic of forgiveness. After that conversation, I decided to write a blog on the topic of Truth. If you missed this blog, I spoke to how hurt people tend to focus on:

  • Pain

  • Problems

  • Past

One thing my mom has been teaching me are the impacts such a focus can have on our progression in life. Isaiah 43:18 reminds us to “forget the former things; do not dwell on the past.” I may not know every detail of the pain, problems, or past my mom has been through, but I know this. So, looks forward. She has an uplifting spirit and positivity which encourages me to think of her often, pray for her daily, and serve her with her favorite tea when she comes to visit me. I know there have been times in my life where I probably upset or let my mom down, those stories for another time. 😊 One thing is true, my mom does not think about these things and she never reminds me of them. Why? Because she has forgiven me. Thank you, Mom, for teaching me how to LOVE. What to LISTEN for, and how to LEAD by forgiving so this weight it would cause me to carry is released.

Q&Q – Ponder This

The heart of a mother is a deep abyss at the bottom of which you will always find forgiveness.
— Honore de Balzac

Call to Action

I realize that not everyone has an active relationship with their mom. The relationship may be enstranged, you may have lost your mom, or you may have never known her. Regardless, your current situation, know that my prayers and heart are with you. I ask God to fill your heart and mind in a way which encourages, inspires, and lifts you up. My call to action for you is to take a minute to reflect on either your mom, a grandma, aunt, friend, or some lady in your life who showed you the best part of yourself. If you can, reach out to them and let them know the impact they have had on you. If you can’t, consider writing a letter to reflect these thoughts and them attach them to a balloon (filled with helium) and send them on. Celebrate your mom or someone who filled the role only a mom could. Keep Loving, Keep Listening, and Keep Leading!

Pursue Your Potential!