Being the "Extra" in an Ordinary Day

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Over the next few Sunday’s, I will be sharing with you how I am seeing people be the “extra” in an ordinary day. Their intentional behavior yield extraordinary results. Do you have a story?

A Lesson in Latin

You have likely heard of Carpe Diem “Seize the Day” or perhaps Carpe Noctem “Seize the Night,” but have you ever heard of Et Extra Ordinarius per diem “Be the “Extra” in an ordinary day?” This is what HITOP Life is all about and what the men of HITOP bring to our world. As I continue to get clarity, my mission, vision, and values are shaping up. I hope to be able to share those soon.


Meet My Team, My HITOP Team

This week, I want to share with you how three very special men in my life have been the “extra” in many ordinary days for me these last three years. I would like to introduce you to the original HITOP Life Team, Tim Friesen, Keaton Hewitt, and Nate Friesen. These Mighty Men of God have blessed my life every Sunday as we came together to encourage, inspire, and lift one another up. Each is authentic, genuinely caring, and have a deep desire to give. They are men of Humility, Integrity, Truth, Obedience, and Prayer. This weekend I got to share with them what they have meant to me and how they bring the “extra” in an ordinary day each time we are together.


Never Leave a Brother Behind

Over the last three years, we faced times where we were not altogether. Here is one example on how we closed the distance and stayed connected, reminding our missing comrade, he was missed.

Letter to HITOP Team

The following letter was read to my HITOP team at their celebration ceremony. This was my heart laid out on paper. 


The Staple "Sword of Truth"

As part of the ceremony, I hired the very talented Isaac Spain of Fry Construction to build these custom made Swords as a gift to each member of the team. These sword of Truth are the staple of HITOP and a visual reminder of their journey and God's Truth.

Designer: Isaac Spain

Designer: Isaac Spain

Being the “extra” in an Ordinary Day, Being Extraordinary!

Extraordinary is something that stands out, is exceptional, and not typical. Whether you are the one giving a little “extra” or witnessing someone else do so, the impact is extraordinary. I want to hear your comments. How have you seen people in your life stand out? Perhaps it is with exceptional customer service, or perhaps caring for others, or perhaps it is through leadership. Please share your stories. This little “extra” goes a long way!

Pursue Your Potential!