Sunday Coach CONNECT - Transform!

Photo by  Luke Carliff  on  Unsplash

This week’s Sunday Coach CONNECT is on the topic of transformation, specifically to change one’s character or plant a seed that may change someone else’s. I have provided three examples of transformation which I pray encourages, inspires, and lifts you up as you Pursue Your Potential!


This week I spent time in Wilmington, Delaware for a strategy session on our new company. I was able to share a document with our IT leaders that I created a few years ago on helping people transform. Transformation occurs first in our mind, then our heart, finally through our actions. Regardless of your pursuit, having a proven methodology to drive engagement is critical to experiencing such transformation. This simple, yet efficient model to help teams understand the vision and strategy for Delivering Results that Drive Value. Through a collection of experiences in my life, I have developed what I call the “21-7-3-1” model. 

The key is not to focus on the number because each engagement can and will be different. To deliver results in the areas you are most passionate, you must develop a relationship, build trust, establish confidence, and believe in what you are asking others to believe.

To explore the 21-7-3-1 model

2 Chairs

I highly recommend this book. There are three overarching questions that you will be exposed to, and I believe God is calling us to ask him, every day, as required.

  • Who am I?

  • What do you want me to know? Learn? Believe?

  • Why does it hurt me so much when others judge me? Ignore me? Misunderstand me?

Remember last week in The Inspiring Story. God wants us to invite Him in. He wants to be apart of what challenges us. He wants us to join Him every morning, across from Him in the chair He has set out specifically for you. Will you?

Buy them Out

As spring rolls around, I got to thinking about how children get so excited about warmer weather and their entrepreneurial opportunities of selling Lemonade and cookies. What if this year, I went up to one of these young children and bought them out. I would not take their product, so essentially they could double their income for the day or week. How might that impact them? How could it plant a seed, promote a different path, or encourage a heart? Well, I will be looking for this opportunity and writing about it in a future post of the Sunday Coach CONNECT.

What about you? What ideas do you have that you are willing to share with how you have or will be looking to transform lives?

Make An Impact

Where is God leading you right now to LOVE unconditionally (stop keeping score), LISTEN intentionally (listen to receive, not respond), and LEAD boldly (be a man of action)? I would love to hear how you are doing this as I am sure you have terrific examples. If you would ever like to partner on a post of The Sunday Coach CONNECT, please contact me at

Have an Amazing week! 

Pursue Your Potential!