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This week, God has been speaking directly to me in many areas of my life. Three things, in particular, He has pointed out, which I wish to share with you in this week's Sunday Coach CONNECT.  

  • Mud

  • Inspiring Story – The Heart of Man

  • Q&Q


Have you ever found yourself stuck in the mud? I am not talking in a vehicle, I am referring to on foot. Perhaps while hiking, crossing a creek, or working a field at your family farm. I sure have, and the funny thing is, it has been in all three of these scenarios I shared. Well, this week I heard someone share how they found themselves stuck deep in the mud after some heavy rains. As I listened to this story, I thought immediately of how relatable being physically stuck is to being mentally stuck. The thing which dawned on me though was when we are physically stuck in the mud, we do not say “oh well,” we devise a plan and work to get ourselves out. It may require getting dirty. We may even lose something (like our shoes), but we understand we cannot just stay there. So, why is it then when we find ourselves in the “mud of life,” whether it be emotionally or mentally, we get so weighed down and feel like we cannot move. We must move. We must “wash off” the muck and sludge and free ourselves from this unnecessary weight. Perhaps for you, that is an unresolved issue with a friend, the lack of saying your sorry or allowing forgiveness into your heart, or maybe it is giving some grace to be forgiven. Move. Pull yourself up and out of this. Clean off the weight and stop carrying it around. You can be free!

Inspiring Story

This week, I was watching a film on Netflix called, The Heart of Man. About halfway through this program, a younger man shares a story of an opportunity he had to preach on fatherhood and sexual brokenness of the human heart. He spoke about being condescending toward the men in the church. He was asking them to be strong, grab a sword, and fight. "How can you go about looking at pornography when Jesus gave His all for your sins," he asked. Later that night this young man found himself bingeing on the very thing he was earlier condemning these men for. 

He found himself so numb that he did not even go home that evening. The next morning, he woke up feeling as if God wanted to talk to him. Feeling scared because he assumed God would arrive angry and in a rage at what he had just done, he mustered up the strength and decided to go before God anyway. While sitting there, this young man had a vision where he was in prison. With his hands cuffed, carrying a tray of food, and finding no one willing to allow him to sit with them. He was feeling abandoned and alone. Soon he finds his table. As he sits down, Jesus approaches him, dressed in prison clothes, like the young man. As Jesus sits there, He is silent. So the young man asks “Will you have another meal with me?” Jesus replies, “I will eat a meal with you anytime you want.” “By the way the door of this prison is open, you may leave anytime you want.” 

Friends, when we choose to run away from God, He is with us. When we decide to stay and fight, He’s with us. You can be doing everything right for God, reading your Bible, saying your prayers, helping those in need and Jesus does not love you anymore. You can be rebellious, filled with pride, anger, and desires of sin and Jesus does not love you any less. He is not angry. He’s fixed on you. He is loving you. He does not demand you stop. He requests you invite Him in. Allow Him to share the moment with you. He wants to help us understand how we got here and what these moments are about. He wants to reveal to us and help us find what you are truly searching for.

We can read all day about how Jesus is with us and how He loves us and how He will always be with us. But when we understand and experience Him in our addictions, our sickness, our “prisons.” When we relapse over and over again, yet find Jesus right there, without the perceived guilt, shame, and judgment we think He is bringing with Him. We change. His love transforms us!

God does not want to hurt you (or me). He wants to be part of our life. He wants us to heal.


For some, the Q&Q maybe new to you. This is where I share a quote and few questions to inspire, encourage, and lift you up. This week the topic is "Burn your Ships!" I now also offer the Q&Q in audio format. You can read or listen now, just Click Here

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