Sunday Coach CONNECT - Fortified and True!


This past week, my wife Heather and I attended the annual Crossroads Marriage Retreat. This year we were blessed to have Anthony and Sarah Witt of Fortified and True as our guest speakers. It was an amazing and dynamic weekend full of opportunities to learn new tools, experience unique skills, and hear how to live full, purposeful lives, so we can fortify and grow our marriage in His Truth!

Three things I took away from this weekend with Anthony and Sarah:

  1. Humor (with Truth)It’s Not About the Nail
    Men, the woman in your lives today are not asking us to fix the problem; rather they are asking us just to listen. Watch this short video which makes light of this battle we have as men who tend to focus solely on logic, rather than emotion.

  2. Scripture
    Anthony and Sarah shared with us that regardless of the waves of trouble, chaos, and distress that can exist within a marriage, it can be Fortified on the encouragement of Hope and the Anchor of Truth. "We have this hope as an anchor for the soul, firm and secure." - Hebrews 6:19

  3. Truth

    God’s original design was one of a relationship between God and Man (Man is universal here for both male and female). Then this relationship was divided due to our sin. Since sins cannot be removed by anything (not our gifts, good deeds) but God, He offered us a single gift, Jesus.  Jesus became our opportunity to be reconciled to our relationship with God.

So what does this have to do with marriage? Well when a conflict comes into your relationship with your spouse, do not turn to your spouse seeking restoration. Turn to God first. That was the original design. If God is first in your life (and I hope He is), then allow Him to do the work in you by pausing rather than responding. What you intend to share with your spouse and what God leads you to share, likely are much different. Trust Him by investing time in prayer, listening, and waiting for His guidance. Here is a visual reference Anthony and Sarah shared to further illustrate this.



Pursue Your Potential 

God desires you to Pursue Your Potential. He is in your corner. He is praying for you like He did Simon (Luke 22:31-32). He wants your marriage to succeed; if you are not married today and His will for you is to change that, He's already at work. This message is for you too. 

God designed marriage and will or has already brought you and your spouse together. He knows your spouse better than you, so go to Him when you have questions and ask God to allow you to see your spouse as He does, His beloved child.