Not by Might nor by Power, A Parakaleo Disciple


August 13th was the last time I posted on the Brother’s Keeper Blog. So, what have I been doing? In short, I have been fulfilling the role of Parakaleo in which God has called me. Parakaleo, what’s that? Well, it means “to come along side” “to encourage” “to have a spirit of encouragement.” My journey into accepting the gift God gave me (which is a spirit of encouragement) and more importantly doing something with this gift started about eight years ago with the creation of HITOP Life. Since then, a refining process has occurred within me. I’ve thought a lot about the role of a leader, a disciple, a Christian man. Everything I do for HITOP (Facebook page, blog, BK Journal, new projects, etc.) allows and directs me on a path to pursue my potential, so that I help men, like you, to Pursue your Potential. I wrote this quote to reflect how I see leadership and the remainder of this post to show you what I am doing to live out this quote.

Leadership is about expressing your heart outwardly. Great leaders choose to lead with service over ambition, humility over ego, and integrity over expediency. They Love and show you are valued. They Listen and show you are heard. They Lead by empowering you.
— Chris Hewitt

Service, Humility, and Integrity are vital to being seen and accepted as a leader. Truth, Obedience, and Prayer are critical too. Men, we need the Spirit of God to be successful.

Not by might nor by power, but by my Spirit,’ says the Lord Almighty.
— Zechariah 4:6 (NIV)

September 10, 2018

On the second Monday in September, a group of men began meeting to encourage and hold one another accountable on truth and mindset. As men of Humility, Integrity, Truth, Obedience, and Prayer, these men lay down their egos, their lies, and their fears each week to move past the surface and to cultivate a relationship with God and each other. I call this group, the Parakaleo Mastermind.  We foster a relationship of authenticity, genuine caring, and a deep desire to give. It is not by our might nor by our power. It is by the Spirit of God whose Love is unconditionally, who Listens intentionally, and who is Leading us all to live a bold and triumphant life. What about you? Do you have men in your life helping you address the essential challenges all men face with truth and mindset?  

HITOP Prayer Team

A group of seven men check-in each day via text to lift up and encourage one another. When lies take root, we turn each other to Truth, God’s Word. When distractions come which cause us to complain, criticize, or blame, we instead choose to champion, complement, and build one another up. These men are in Iowa, Illinois, Texas, and Alabama.  Each of us have faced various difficulties from illness, job stress, divorce, even the loss of a loved one. We have seen spiritual attacks which would break most men. But this is a group of prayer warriors. We may bend but with our minds focused on God, His promises, and truth, we will not break. Similar to the Parakaleo Mastermind team, the prayer team men are deeply rooted in God’s love and Word, they carry each other’s burdens, they storm the gates of hell for one another, they fight the good fight because our faith is in Christ Jesus. If you are not connecting with a group of men like this, I encourage you to change that today. It will change your life and that means it will also change the lives of those you love.  

The Brother’s Keeper Journal – Proof of Concept

Brian Rath and I have developed a one of a kind journal focused on encouraging men to see their Accomplishments, overcome their Challenges, know the Truth, and take the necessary Steps to succeed. These ACTS give men the foundation needed to LOVE unconditionally, LISTEN intentionally, and LEAD a bold and triumphant life. We will be taking time to capture feedback from our focus group and implement their changes to improve our journal before finalizing the production version. We are very excited to now have a tool to spark conversations, drive engagement, and transform the minds of men to focus on Humility, Integrity, Truth, Obedience, and Prayer. Brian and I cannot wait to reveal the production version early next year.

Call to Action:

Today I shared with you where I have been investing a great deal of time, building disciples by speaking truth and transforming mindsets. I am helping men to Pursue their Potential. You should not and do not have to journey alone. Whether it’s being part of a mastermind team like Parakaleo, becoming part of a prayer group, or meeting with an encouragement partner weekly to go through the Brother’s Keeper Journal. I implore you to get involved. I believe doing so will help you to Pursue your Potential.

Chris Hewitt