Sunday Coach CONNECT - January 28, 2018

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HITOP Friends,

This past week I witnessed a moment, which planted faith, hope, and love in my heart. I saw the bond between a teacher and a student up close and personal. For the last 13 years, this teacher chose to Love, Listen, and Lead his student. The time had come for the student to announce he would be leaving the martial arts academy. His desire to train and be an artist brought him to the academy, however, what I witnessed between him and his teacher as they reminisced about the last 13 years was a bright display as to why he stayed. This week’s Sunday Coach Connection is how this student coached me that day, as I observed him interact with Sifu (skillful master).

Three Principles Observed

For him to grow, he must let go.
  1. Growth - At the age of four, a young boy walked into a Kung Fu studio with uncertainty, insecurity, and fear, yet he stayed. As the years progressed, a teacher pushed the student to the point of exhaustion, trained him in ways that would break down the physical body in order build up the emotional and spiritual, yet he stayed. The young boy, now a man, met the inevitable. The time had come for him to make a heart filled decision. A new season would soon begin. Growth, new challenges, and excitement were all on the horizon. Harnessed with the teachings and character developed from the assistance of his teacher, he was ready. He would let go of all he had known, so he could grab all which awaited him. He made a decision, one 13 years in the making. For him to grow, he must let go.
  2. Character – Character is developed when one person (i.e. parent, friend, teacher, coach, mentor) is willing to put aside their wants and desires for the benefit of others and commits to them through LOVING unconditionally, LISTENING intentionally, and LEADING boldly. This past week, I looked straight into the eyes of a teacher, who felt proud and honored to lead his student into a man of: 
    H – Humility, I – Integrity, T – Truth, O – Obedience, P – Prayer
  3. Potential – Now, nearly 18, the young man spoke of shifting his focus to other areas of his life. He spoke of deepening his Faith, strengthening relationships, and trusting in a future which only God could provide. He chose to hold tight to the truth that he has what it takes, with God by his side, and friends/family who believe in him. The final moments of the conversation, between teacher and student, were with two hearts filled with gratitude, inspiration, and the confidence to Pursue Their Potential!

Pursue Your PotentialPerhaps this story inspired and encouraged you as much as it has me. If today you are not actively being coached, mentored, or Pursuing Your Potential, I welcome you to give me a call and discuss what you could be doing. Perhaps you need some focused time with a coach weekly. If you have an interest in learning more, I offer 30-minute complimentary calls on HITOP Life Coaching.

Most importantly, if today you aren’t coaching, mentoring, or inspiring others, I pray you will consider taking the next steps to begin. The impact will likely change someone else’s life, but it will most certainly change yours.

Pursue Your Potential!