50 BY 50

A little over a month ago my cousin and I were sitting down to a cup of coffee. He had just lost his dad and I my uncle. Both our hearts were heavy, yet full of our love for him. We knew uncle Doug was in Heaven. We knew he lived life to the fullest. It was then that my cousin asked me; “Would you consider writing a blog about 50 things you should consider doing by the age 50?” I replied “I sure will, when the time is right.”

Well, this past week I buried my grandma Hewitt. She was the last grandparent I had alive. She was 88 years old when she died on July 5th. When my family asked me to write something and read it at the funeral, I was overwhelmed with a desire to glorify God and honor my family and grandma. As I prayed this over and sought guidance, God shared with me that she was 88, each digit representing an infinity sign. The first 8 would represent her love that she gave each one of us every day and that it would go on forever and ever. The second 8 would represent the love she gave The Lord which allowed her to go on for ever and ever.

Today, God shared with me the time is right to write this blog. My uncle and grandma may not have accomplished everything on my list of 50 by 50, but I know they did some. What about you? Are you ready to move into action?

Moving to Action…

As I write this I want to encourage you to not focus on whether you are 20 or 50 years of age today or whether you are able to complete one or all these items. Heck, I pray you create your own list of 50. The main thing here is to move from thinking to doing. From someday to now.

Be engaged, be in the Now!

My List of 50…

  1. Read the entire Bible.

  2. Be a volunteer, anywhere.

  3. Run a 5K.

  4. Learn a new language or art.

  5. Go to Hawaii.

  6. Visit your family, often.

  7. Spend time with the elderly.

  8. Parasail over blue waters.

  9. Snorkel

  10.  Read, a lot.

  11.  Watch Documentaries.

  12.  Go hiking in the mountains.

  13.  Be intentional to pay something forward.

  14.  Push yourself to do something out of the ordinary.

  15.  Stop worrying about what other people think of you. (Tip: The sooner you achieve this the happier you will be).

  16.  Write a book, share your story.

  17.  Bike across a state.

  18.  Learn to say no.

  19.  Forgive yourself for your past.

  20.  Forgive everyone else too.

  21.  Visit a landmark place in your state.

  22.  Write a letter to your children.

  23.  Fly First Class.

  24.  Say yes for 24 hours, but don’t let anyone know you’re doing it.

  25.  Serve (at a hospital, shelter, church, soup kitchen, or any place of need)

  26.  Share your experience serving with someone.

  27.  Learn to play a musical instrument.

  28.  Take a class to learn a new skill.

  29.  Drive a race car.

  30.  Donate blood – it could save a life and change yours.

  31.  Buy a house.

  32.  Sleep underneath the stars.

  33.  Swim with dolphins.

  34.  Go see a volcano.

  35.  Own a dog and experience unconditional love every day.

  36.  Travel alone and be gone for at least 3 days.

  37.  Dance in the rain, play in the snow.

  38.  Quit a job.

  39.  Ride a train across America.

  40.  Blog.

  41.  Own your own business.

  42.  Get baptized with full submersion.

  43.  Go 1 month without any form of technology, including electricity.

  44.  Go to the airport and take the next domestic flight available, stay there 24 hours before coming home.

  45.  Rock a baby to sleep.

  46.  Learn a new dance style.

  47.  Write a letter to your family to be read at your funeral.

  48.  Go see the Northern Lights.

  49.  Try an exotic food.

  50.  Ask Jesus into your Life.

Like most of the posts I have written, this was a fun one for me. I am growing in love. I am learning to listen, and I choose to Lead and do. I hope you will find the items on this list to be inspiring, spark excitement and curiosity, and I hope you will strongly consider which you feel you should do by 50. If you are already 50, it’s not too late. Take a leap and after you do I encourage you to comment back on your experience. If you have ideas for additional items to try, please post this as well.

I leave you with this:

Source: Mark Batterson

Source: Mark Batterson

Until Next Time…

Chris Hewitt, HITOP Ministries WOE Writer