So God Made a Friend

This post comes from the inspiration of Paul Harvey’s 1978 ‘So God Made a Farmer’ speech. This is for the millions of men who need someone to talk to, but are to afraid to ask. For those who need accountability, but are to prideful to recognize it, and for those who dare to reach out, get involved, encourage, inspire, and love as God designed you for. I write this to say THANK YOU to all the men, women, and children in my life who have shown me what it means to be a true friend.

On the 8th Day

And on the 8th day, God looked down on His wonderful world He made and said, “My children will need someone to bond with, talk to, lean on, look up to, and laugh with.” So God Made a Friend.

God said, “I need someone willing to stay up all night Loving, Listening, and Leading others, then go to work all day and although tired and exhausted, check in with them on their way home, to make sure they are OK.” So God Made a Friend.

“I need someone with the strength and endurance to take a call at 1 AM. Drive to the airport at 3 AM. Pick up groceries at 10 pm. Drive across town to lift awkwardly heavy furniture. Yet gentle enough to patiently wait at the hospital during surgery, so the first thing seen when that someone opens their eyes is a smile, communicating a sign of hope.” So God Made a Friend.

God said, “I need someone who will boldly confront the topic of sexual impurity, but tender enough to gently encourage later when they stumble and are filled with guilt and shame. Someone to get real in a conversation, someone who will edify, encourage, and lift up.  Someone who can see the best in others, is loyal, trustworthy, can focus, display kindness, understand mistakes, give grace, reject gossip, forgive, and celebrate life with.” So God Made a Friend.

God had to have someone willing to crouch before another, look into their eyes past the fear and depression, grab their heart and pull them back to reality with Words of Encouragement. Someone to trigger laughter at the right times holds back their tongue at certain times, endures trials during the difficult times, and speaks the truth at all times. So God Made a Friend.

“Somebody who’d hold the relationship together with the soft bonds of comfort, who’d strengthen the weak, hold others accountable and say no more excuses. Somebody who’d laugh, and then sigh, with smiling in their eyes, when asked “Why did you stand beside me all your life” they’d reply, that’s why God Made a Friend.