HITOP - A Year in Review


Dear Loyal Readers of HITOP,

When I woke up this past Sunday, I realized this was the one-year anniversary of HITOP LIFE. Quickly I realized that I was running late for church and needed to get a move on. As the day went on, I thought about what has happened in this past year of HITOP LIFE. How had my focus and intentional desire to move this concept to reality mattered? How have lives been impacted? Was I truly Inspiring Men to Love. Listen. Lead. in their decisions, relationships, and responses? What had God done to demonstrate His Love, Faithfulness, and Sovereignty through stories of hope? How were men transforming from the Words of Encouragement, Acts of Love, and Heart of Grace?

HITOP Matters

As the questions surfaced, so did the responses. I remembered several stories of hope and encouragement. One however really touched my heart and spoke into the principles of HITOP (Humility, Integrity, Truth, Obedience, and Prayer). For the past last two and a half years, I have been mentoring some young men. One of them, this past June called me while I was on vacation. I could tell from his voice something was wrong and he did not mince words. He shared with me that while he was at a local store with another student. His desire to fit in and be accepted had led him down a path which resulted in being arrested for shop lifting. Little did he know that this moment of temptation to be accepted would turn into a bad decision which would demonstrate his true character as well as God’s heart of love, faithfulness, and grace. As he shared his story, something he said showed me his true maturity (aside from the fact that he called). He said, “I’m very sorry that I let the HITOP team down. I wanted you to hear this from me and let you know I will call the other members of the team.” Humility. Next he explained this was not the man he wanted to be. I call that Integrity. His decision to expose himself to the other HITOP members demonstrated he was a man of Truth & Obedience and his submission to God in Prayer for wisdom, guidance, and forgiveness gave him hope, strength, and encouragement during this difficult time. It doesn't stop there. Due to the madness of social media, his class knew what occurred within hours, this included a group of other young men I would be honored to call my HITOP Team. A few of the young men from his class went to his house and invested in him with Words of Encouragement, hope, and truth. They showed him what true friendship looked like. They prayed for him and the rallied behind him. They offered him LOVE and grace. Not one passed judgement, guilt, or shame. Instead they choose to LISTEN. He was shown how he was truly valuable and cared for. In a time of need, these young men choose to LEAD

By the Numbers

Additionally, this past year has been one of growth. I made a personal commitment to blog 2-3 times a month. On average I accomplished that. Here are a few metrics you might be interested in:

  • Number of Words of Encouragement articles Posted:  26
  • Number of loyal readers I am greatly appreciative for: 27
    • My heart is full by your faithfulness and blessing you provide me to share God’s work in my life.
  • Developed a life changing relationship with Aaron Walker and the men of View from the Top which allows me to live out the essence of HITOP...Inspiring Men to Love. Listen. Lead every week.
  • Posts that have generated the most attention and spoke to my readers:

A Sincere Thank You

To kick off this next year I will be writing a 5-part series on Wisdom. For the men reading this, it is so important for us to Love. Listen. Lead. in all relationships in life. We must not allow life to compartmentalize us, distract us from the purpose and passion God has placed in our hearts. For the women reading this, my prayer has been and remains to inspire men and equip them to understand God’s definition and model of Love, how to Listen and truly hear what is being said, and how to Lead in a way that demonstrates the priorities and importance of Humility, Integrity, Truth, Obedience, and Prayer in their life, then share that in every moment and interaction they have. I end with the Malaysian word for thank you "Terima Kasih" it means Received in Love. Please accept my thank you from a full heart, filled with the love of Jesus, and the deep sense of gratitude I have for you, my loyal readers.