Wisdom: Investing your Time


A few weeks ago I was down in Nashville, TN at the annual ISI Mastermind retreat. ISI comes from Proverbs 27:17 and refers to how Iron Sharpens Iron. This event is hosted by Aaron Walker and Tom Schwab of View from the Top. Today’s post is on the topic of investing your time and how the choices you make can and will impact your life. The wisdom I gained from this trip is what I wish to share with you today. Ultimately it is threefold:

  1. Breaking the Ice
  2. Shoulder to Shoulder men share
  3. Let go to move forward

Breaking the Ice


On October 6, 2017, four men jumped into a van filled with the excitement of what was to come, yet with hesitation in conversation as they had not spent time together before. Little did they know that the experiences they would have and share over the next two days would be a ripple across their needs in their business, personal, and spiritual relationships. As their minds raced with thoughts of “Should, I share my struggles?” “Can I trust these guys?” “Will they be able to understand me and what I’m going through?” The ride started a bit quiet. Men tend to resist being vulnerable, authentic, or transparent for fear of judgment, significance, you name it. Then the silence was broken – So what do you do Chris? Here I was given the opportunity to stay on the surface and share just what was needed to move to the next guy, or change the course of this entire trip and speak from my heart. “I Inspire Men to Love. Listen. Lead. I teach them how to apply the values of humility, integrity, truth, obedience, and prayer into their lives and roles as a husband, dad, son, on and on.” “Wow…that sounds exciting.” Little did I know just how exciting it would be. After all, I was heading to a men’s retreat, and the three men I was traveling with had all been there before. The next 7 hours our conversations as husbands, fathers, employers, sons were from the heart.

Wisdom Tip:

You are not alone! The doubt within your mind begging you to remain silent and not expose yourself can be silenced when you allow in truth.
For not one of us lives for himself, and not one dies for himself, for if we live, we live for the Lord, or if we die, we die for the Lord.
— Romans 14:7

Shoulder to Shoulder men share:

This retreat is about bringing men together to encourage, edify, and lift one another up. Over the course of two days we heard from speakers on the topics of Fear and Faith, branding yourself, readying yourself – Aiming for a Goal – and Firing for your Target (with precision and focus). Men came together to affirm one another and then separated out into smaller groups of 10-12 where conversations moved much deeper. We laughed, we shared our wins, our losses, our hurts. We cried, we connected, and we became encouraged, strengthened, and in some cases…freed. The love was real. The connections where bonding and the conversations were acts of love and kindness. Even those who needed a sharper tongue received it out of love, grace, and mercy. Iron sharpened Iron and so did one man sharpen another.


Wisdom Tip:

Every man responds to working shoulder to shoulder differently. For some, it may be manual labor (like roofing a house) where for others it’s discussions around the campfire. Do what will make you comfortable, but do it. You are not an island, and we need other men to pull us from the ditches of life. We must also be willing to raise our hand. That all of them may call on the name of the Lord, to serve Him shoulder to shoulder.

Let Go and Move Forward


I could write about this retreat for days and still not capture all the life-changing, transformational things which occurred in men’s lives that weekend. I did not sit in every group or hear every conversation. But I can summarize what happened in one picture and one quote. Let’s start with the picture. Every man was given a piece of paper and asked to write down one thing they would release to allow their path forward not to be influenced any longer. For some it may have been anger, others pornography, alcohol, fear, rejection, lies. I am not sure what was written, we did not share. It was a personal experience, but this I am certain of. Every man released something that day, Next, the quote.

I joined the ISI mastermind to strengthen my knowledge in business and help it grow. I, however, stay in ISI for the strength I receive to be a better husband, dad, and brother to my ISI team.
— Jonathan F.

A focus from taking to giving… Powerful !!


Call to Action

  1. Be willing to take your conversations beyond the surface. 
  2. Make sure the people in your life have your best interest in mind. Make sure they share your core values and speak truth into you.
  3. Identify what you are holding on to and whether it is holding you back from being the man you were created to be?
  4. Think throught these questions and be honest with yourself: Do I  believe I have it covered? Do I think there is no value to being authentic and transparent? For me, is being vulnerable worth it? Am I willing to walk shoulder to shoulder and share? 
  5. Write down one thing you need to release, date it, and then let go.
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Until Next Time
Chris Hewitt, HITOP Ministries WOE Writer