The Notes I Play....

Did you know that a piano has 12,000 parts and 10,000 which move to produce sound?  On average there are 88 keys and 230 strings.  Each string represents 168 pounds of tension.  That's a combined total of nearly 20 tons.  That is simply fascinating!
However, what's even more fascinating is how every single key interacts with the string to make a sound, but only after being engaged by a key, can that string produce the sound.  Engage the wrong keys, you have sound, but engage with the right keys, you could have music. 
So too is life.  For us strings represent our "decisions" and keys represent our "thoughts".  No decision can take place without the thought engaging it.  Playing the wrong "keys", engages the wrong "strings", resulting in noise.  Playing the wrong "thoughts", engages the wrong "decisions" resulting in missed experiences, failed relationships, or opportunities which pass you by.  However, playing the right "keys", engages the right "strings" resulting beautiful music, and playing the right "thoughts", engages the right "decisions" resulting in an experience or opportunity that could change your life. 
How so you might ask.  How can the right sequence of my thoughts engage the right decisions?  Well, similar to a pianist, this is achieved through practice.  Most people struggle to control the thoughts that come into their mind. They engage thoughts like "I am not good enough, strong enough, tall enough, fast enough, or smart enough to do ________."  "If only I was _____ I could _______."  The weight of these thoughts engage us, but the sound we play is not music, it's noise.  Change your tune, play notes like "I love how I was able to ______."  "Glad I got to experience that, it really taught me ______."  "I am so encouraged I took the time to _______, it resulted in ______." 
Need help?  Need an instructor?  You got one. God wants to train you.  He wants you to make the music He created you to.  With practice and frequent visitations with your instructor, and perhaps some tuning, you too might create a masterpiece.  You might just _______.
There are no wrong notes on a piano, only wrong decisions in how you play them.
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