Five Antidotes to Shifting your Mindset Today!

I asked him, “What’s the good word brother, what are you hearing from God this week?” he responded by telling me these last six days have been an eye-opening lesson on the topic of humility. He mentioned how last week he accepted a challenge to eliminate 100% of the complaining, criticizing, and blaming he had been doing. Powerful, I said, tell me more.

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Three Things I’m Learning From My Mom

Welcome to this special edition of Sunday Coach Connect, my dedication to an amazing, beautiful, and full of life woman I am privileged to call Mom. For 44 years nearly, I have watched my mom model three values which have become an essential part of my life. Thank you, Mom, this posts for you and all moms who inspire, encourage, and lift up their children to Pursue their Potential!

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Caution: Fellowship Will Occur With or Without You

A popular and famous verse from King Solomon is “Iron Sharpens Iron, and one man sharpens another.” – Proverbs 27:17

Metal cannot sharpen one another unless it comes into contact and gets connected. However, once connected, it becomes more efficient and therefore mutually beneficial to both connecting parties. Today’s Sunday Coach Connect considers the importance of fellowship and our biblical responsibilities as men.

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