Christian Life Coaching


My Mission:

HITOP Life encourages men to see what they are Accomplishing, overcome their Challenges, Know the Truth, and take necessary Steps to Succeed. These ACTS give you a blueprint into how best to LOVE Unconditionally. LISTEN Intentionally. LEAD a Bold and Triumphant life. 

My commitment is to provide sound advice without judgment and equip you to carry the proper tools needed to Pursue Your Potential! 

What to Expect:

Each coaching package is customized to fit your individual needs. Once you select your coaching package, you will be given (at no additional cost) access to a complete suite of tools and strategies which I have developed in my 22 years of marriage. 21 years of parenting. Eight years of mentoring.  25 years in corporate IT.

Coaching Includes: 

  • The Brother's Keeper Journal (co-authored with Brian Rath). Learn to see what you are Accomplishing. Be empowered you to respond efficiently to the Challenges you face. Understand the Truth you hear. Set measurable and  practical Steps to Succeed for the week ahead. *COMING IN EARLY 2019
  • 21-7-3-1 - A proven methodology to drive the necessary engagement needed for experiencing transformation.
  • Take Back Your Time Manager - Change your mindset from time management to managing the time you have. Before you can do that however, together we will identify we you spend your time so we can learn to take it back.
  • Weekly check-in to follow-up, encourage, inspire, lift you up.

Coaching Areas of Focus:

  • Encouragement and Accountability
  • Relational Challenges
  • Masterminds - How to setup and why their valuable
  • Marriage and Parenting
  • Clarity and Direction
  • Spiritual Growth
  • Listen with Humility
  • Stand with Integrity
  • Know the Truth
  • Serve with Obedience
  • Cultivate with Prayer

Ready to Get Started?

Coaching is personal and needs to be customized to focus on YOU! Each package includes a 1-hour weekly one-on-one session, weekly follow-up, and my proven coaching strategies to equip you to Pursue your Potential.

Currently, I am taking a limited number of clients. So, if you are you serious about investing in yourself. Seriously ready to become your best, and desire to Pursue your Potential, Click Here so we can schedule a complimentary 30-minute coaching session. During this 30-minutes you will be given an opportunity to experience working with me as well as help us both decide whether we're a good fit to work together.

Coaching Packages

4 sessions (1 month)

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 Photo by  Annie Spratt  on  Unsplash

Photo by Annie Spratt on Unsplash

12 sessions (3-Months)
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 Photo by  George Hiles  on  Unsplash

Photo by George Hiles on Unsplash

26 sessions (6-Months)
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I knew Chris for years as a friend and fellow brother in Christ before he started coaching me. But prior to that, he’d been there many times to listen to me, guide me, and even redirect me in my personal life. But the biggest thing he has coached me on a couple times has been my responsibilities at work. He sketched (literally on a back of a napkin) a way for me to visualize my workload and how it had changed (increased) over time to the point of being overwhelming. From that, I created my own visuals to show my bosses how responsibilities had been added and added. By the time I needed to do this a second time, Chris had developed the concept into the Take Your Time Back process. Even if my bosses hadn’t listened, the process was powerful in helping me understand my feelings. Chris has also coached me on dozens of different things relating to work, marriage, family, etc. Although first and foremost a friend, Chris is an amazing life coach.
— Brian Rath
I want Chris to be my full-time coach. He has helped me to have a mindset shift. I was able to release stress and think more clearly. After only one small phone call with Chris, I had a considerable amount of direction.
I have known Chris for over 3 years. During that time I have gotten together with Chris regularly, usually weekly. I first got to know Chris when he prayed for me at church. I have been blessed that God put Chris in my life to help and encourage me. Chris loves God and he loves people. He constantly makes himself available to meet the needs of others. Chris is one of the kindest listeners that I have ever met.
— Gary Klocke
HITOP has impacted my life through the impact it has had on the man & young men in my life! The encouragement & spiritual challenge is very good for them and so its good for me!
— Karen Friesen
I just wanted to share that your passion for Jesus is contagious! I love watching men take the lead in our families and in our workplace to serve Him! Because of you I watch Aaron Walkers Live from the Greenway podcast on a regular basis and bought his book on Amazon. Keep doing what you are doing to encourage people to reach out into the lives of those that they encounter.
— Roy Watson
HITOP has helped me to keep my faith strong through the hard times in my life. It gives me a rejuvenation in my faith every time we meet.
— Tim Friesen