Hi, my name is Chris Hewitt, founder of HITOP Life. The vision (as well as my passion) for HITOP Life is Addressing the Essential Challenges Men Face with Truth and Mindset.” I do this by focusing on five core values to encourage you to Pursue Your Potential:

  • Listen with Humility

  • Stand with Integrity

  • Know the Truth

  • Serve with Obedience

  • Cultivate with Prayer

When I first wrote down the acronym HITOP in 2011, I knew something powerful would take place by combining these words and encouraging men to live by them as Christ did. I found along the way I needed a way to help men hold each other accountable with encouragement. Accountability on its own is about ownership. Encouragement with accountability is about leading men to LOVE. LISTEN. LEAD. You see, when men give unconditional LOVE they demonstrate to those they are in a relationship with, they value them. When they LISTEN intentionally they demonstrate to those they are in a relationship with, they hear them. When they LEAD with courage and humility they demonstrate to those they are in a relationship with, they believe in them and therefore empower them to a bold and triumphant life. Since men are in all sorts of relationships (father, husband, co-worker, entrepreneur, brother, son, etc.) I knew a journal would be an effective way to capture what men are Accomplishing, overcome their Challenges being faced, Know "the" Truth, and take necessary Steps to Succeed. These "ACTS" give men a blueprint into how best to LOVE Unconditionally, LISTEN Intentionally, and LEAD a Bold and Triumphant life. The result is an encouraged man helping others to do and experience the same. My dear friend and encouragement partner, Brian Rath and I created The “Brother’s Keeper” Journal to ensure men Never Journey or Journal alone.

The Brother’s Keeper Journal

** COMING Quarter 1 - 2019**

** COMING Quarter 1 - 2019**

Have you ever taken a stone and dropped it into the water? The initial impact begins a continuous flow of energy in one direction. The ripple displaces the water equally based off the volume of the stone. So, smaller stone, less volume. Larger stone, more volume. What is interesting about this effect, is the energy of the ripple is not infinite, it eventually becomes too weak to be measured. Additionally, if the ripple is faced with friction, it will dampen the ability to continue to spread. If you want to see more movement, you must remain engaged and drop more stones.

HITOP Life, similar to this analogy, serves not only as the initial impacting stone (intentional relationship), but also as each sequential stone (follow-up) needed when energy is lost, or friction is present.  Each impact we have on another’s life in an intentional decision. We decide whether we will continue to strengthen the ripple across another person’s life or stop and allow the initial impact to dissipate. Brian and I are determined to ensure no friction stops the current of transformation from reaching God’s goal in our lives. We welcome you to experience how The Brother’s Keeper can transform your relationships too. Since we started meeting weekly, our family lives have strengthened. We have become more emotionally intelligent and strong leaders. We have learned what it means to truly LOVE. LISTEN. LEAD. Men, HITOP Life is a journey. I am here to encourage you to, “Never Journey (Journal) alone!

Let us consider how we may spur one another on toward love and good deeds, not giving up meeting together, as some are in the habit of doing, but encouraging one another—and all the more as you see the Day approaching.
— Hebrews 10:25


So what is the truth? Put literally "to hide nothing. To have constancy." Jesus says in John 14:6 "I am the truth" and He has not hidden from us. His Word is faithful and true. The truth is, contrary to what Cain said in Genesis 4:9, you ARE your brother's keeper. Relationships with men who are of like mind, value, and desire are needed to strengthen God's truth and your mindset.

Do not be conformed to this world, but be TRANSFORMED by the renewing of your mind.
— Romans 12:2 (Nasb)


HITOP Life addresses the essential issues men face, by providing clarity, clear instructions, and corrective actions. With your authenticity, you will see more clearly, know truth (not perceived to be true), think sharper, find peace, and draw into God to ensure the deepest parts of your being are right with Him and the will He has for you.