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Hi, my name is Chris Hewitt, Christian Life Coach and founder of HITOP Life, LLC. 

Have you ever taken a stone and dropped it into the water? The initial impact begins a continuous flow of energy in one direction. The ripple displaces the water equally based off the volume of the stone. So, smaller stone, less volume. Larger stone, more volume. What is interesting about this effect, is the energy of the ripple is not infinite, it eventually loses energy and becomes too weak to be measured. Additionally, if the ripple is faced with friction, it will dampen the ability to continue to spread. If you want to see more movement, you must remain engaged and drop more stones.

HITOP Life, similar to this analogy, serves not only as the initial impacting stone, but also as each sequential stone needed when energy is lost or friction is present.

HITOP Life is about giving you the truth, God's truth, which is required in order to shift your mindset from one which maybe limiting you, to one of abundance, allowing you to Pursue Your Potential!

What potential? Being a man who:

  • Listens with Humility
  • Stands with Integrity
  • Knows the Truth
  • Serves with Obedience
  • Cultivates with Prayer

HITOP Life encourages men to see what they are Accomplishing, overcome their Challenges, Know "the" Truth, and take necessary Steps to Succeed. These "ACTS" give you a blueprint into how best to LOVE Unconditionally. LISTEN Intentionally. LEAD a Bold and Triumphant life. 


You shall know the truth, and the truth shall make you free.
— John 8:32

So what is the truth? Put literally "to hide nothing. To have constancy." Jesus says in John 14:6 "I am the truth" and this is not hidden from us. It is faithful and true. The truth is, contrary to what Cain said in Genesis 4:9, you ARE your brother's keeper. Relationships with men who are of like mind, value, and desire are needed to strengthen God's truth and your mindset.


Do not be conformed to this world, but be TRANSFORMED by the renewing of your mind.
— Romans 12:2 (Nasb)

HITOP Life addresses the essential issues men need to see, think, hear, and do. By providing clarity, clear instructions, and corrective actions I help men to see more clearly, know what is true (not perceived to be true), think sharper, find peace, and draw into God to ensure the deepest parts of your being are right with Him and the will He has for you. 



Men, HITOP Life is a journey, not a sprint. As with any journey, having a map to navigate more effectively can be a great support. Having a guide can add value too.
Below is the  "map" I created for your success. Never Journey (Journal) alone!





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